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5 of the Most Common Rooms That Homeowners Renovate

According to ComfyLiving, 80% of American homes are at least 20 years old and in need of remodeling. If you’re one of those homeowners and you’re ready to update your home, you may be wondering where to start. Here is a list of the five most common rooms homeowners renovate.

1. Bathrooms

For a long time, the kitchen was the number one room for remodeling. However, according to Inman, bathroom remodeling services have recently become the top option. When it comes to bathroom updates, you can get more efficient plumbing fixtures or install a clawfoot bathtub. Painting the bathroom a nice baby blue color may increase your house resale value by as much as $5000, according to Forbes.

2. Kitchen

While bathrooms may have taken the top spot, the kitchen isn’t far behind in terms of popularity with renovation. According to Kitchen Cabinet Kings, appliances are one of the biggest expenses for any homeowner. However, with the right appliance, such as those from the Energy Star brand, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and lower your utility bills. You can also install new cabinets or repaint your existing ones. Don’t forget about the kitchen island. One of the most popular trends in that feature includes a double island installation.

3. Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so you should update it in any way that makes you feel comfortable. Some homeowners may add different light features, update the flooring, and install a custom walk-in closet. Bathroom remodeling services also come in handy for the master bathroom.

4. Basement

Basement remodeling is all the rage. More homeowners understand that the basement is more than just an empty and damp space for storage. It’s a viable space you can convert to a guest bedroom, office, entertainment room, or separate apartment to rent out for extra income.

5. Living room

Last but not least is the living room. The living room is a great space to start interior painting work that has an ROI of 107%, according to experts. Add hardwood floors that last for up to 100 years with good maintenance. Install beautiful window treatments ranging from wooden blinds to sheer curtains to manual shutters.

These are the top five rooms the average homeowner prefers to renovate. You have many options to create the home of your dreams, including professional bathroom remodeling services and basement finishing. When you’re ready to take the next step to bring your home a fresh new look, contact our local team today for more information.