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4 Home Remodeling Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

Your home isn’t just a place where you live. It’s also an important investment, which is why, according to Zippia, Americans renovate their homes about every three to five years. Like any investment, you want the value to increase as much as possible. As a homeowner, control the value of your home by making smart decisions, such as calling a bathroom remodeling company. Here are some of the best projects to take on to increase your property value.

1. Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the centerpiece of many homes. When new home buyers are looking to make a purchase, the kitchen is one of the main things they look at. You don’t even need to remodel the entire kitchen. A few small changes can work magic. Replace your existing countertop with granite and get a few steel appliances. Don’t forget about storage, so look into resurfacing existing or installing new cabinets and drawers.

2. Remodel Your Bathroom

Transform your bathroom, especially the master bedroom bath, with your local bathroom remodeling company. More and more people are looking to their bathrooms for relaxation and comfort. The more you can make your bathroom into a spa at home, the better impression you’ll make during your home evaluation. Consider installing a new tub, rainfall showers, new tile, and steel fixtures. Like the kitchen, storage options matter; a bathroom vanity can solve this issue. If unsure where to start, your professional bathroom remodeling company contractor will help guide you.

3. Add an Outdoor Living Space

If you have space in the back, do what you can to utilize it as much as possible. Who doesn’t like a nice patio or deck to relax or have a summer barbecue? More and more people are also adding outdoor kitchens and fire pits to enhance social gatherings. Many people will also be impressed by the sight of landscaping rocks, fish ponds, custom walking paths, and more.

4. Finish Your Basement

If your home has basement space, don’t just waste it on storage. Finish your basement and use it for extra living space for visitors or to rent out for income. Use it for a game room, family movie theater, or for office space if you work from home.

Adding to your property value can take work and time, but it’s worth it. Have fun updating your home into the space of your dreams. Enjoy your updates while you live there while making it market ready for selling. Contact Live Oak Homes, your trustworthy local bathroom remodeling company, today for more information on what we can remodel for you!